EcoSeal, LLC is a complete pavement maintenance service company located in Rochester, NY and is the first to offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective, asphalt sealer product in the upstate NY region. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers a choice in environmentally safe products by providing a non-coal tar based commercial asphalt sealer for application to residential and commercial properties.


Dangers of Coal Tar Sealers

Learn more about the dangers and Hazards of Coal Tar Sealers (CTS) and the effects on the environment and ourselves. Includes links to online articles, videos, and websites. Make the switch to safer and cleaner pavement products today!

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Lakeside home in Webster.

EcoSeal's nontoxic sealer goes on darker! It looks better and is much safer!

View the EcoSeal process and see a property transformed into ecofriendly!

About Us: Why Choose EcoSeal?

Learn more about EcoSeal and the eco-friendly products and services we provide our customers. Find out what the main differences are between us and other paving and sealing companies. We look forward to serving you!


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