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EcoSeal® LLC specializes in environmentally safe asphalt maintenance. We are manufacturers, distributors, and applicators of an eco-friendly asphalt sealer that will not harm the environment. EcoSeal® Asphalt Sealer contains no coal tar, which USGS studies have shown to contain known carcinogens that are harmful to ourselves and our environment. 

After a combined 50 years in the pavement maintenance industry, EcoSeal® founders realized there was a need for environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional sealcoating products. After researching the issues, it was clear that pollution and health hazards were a serious byproduct of coal tar sealants, but no one was providing an alternative solution for Rochester. This led to the launch of EcoSeal® LLC in 2012.

EcoSeal® manager William Johnson is excited to bring this product to the Rochester market. "When we discovered the health risks caused by traditional coal tar sealers we made the decision to seek out an environmentally friendly alternative," said Mr. Johnson. "We are happy to introduce EcoSeal® Asphalt Sealer, which uses select mineral fillers and is made only with quality materials, fillers, and additives. Now that a number of cities and counties across the United States have banned coal tar sealers and imposed fines for their use, including wholesale giants like Lowes and Home Depot no longer selling CTS in their stores, it's time to get the word out in New York State about our environmentally friendly sealer."

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