EcoSeal® FAQs

Who We Are

EcoSeal® LLC is a complete pavement maintenance service company located in Rochester, NY and is the first to offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective, asphalt sealer product in the upstate NY region. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers a choice in environmentally safe products by providing a non-coal tar based commercial asphalt sealer for application to residential and commercial properties.

Why We Care

After a combined 50 years in the pavement maintenance industry, EcoSeal® founders realized there was a need for environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional sealcoating products. After researching the issues, it was clear that pollution and health hazards were a serious byproduct of coal tar sealants, but no one was providing an alternative solution for Rochester. This led to the launch of EcoSeal® LLC in 2012.

What We Do

EcoSeal® LLC specializes in environmentally safe asphalt maintenance. We are manufacturers, distributors, and applicators of an eco-friendly asphalt sealer that will not harm the environment. EcoSeal® Asphalt Sealer contains no coal tar, which USGS studies have shown to contain known carcinogens that are harmful to ourselves and our environment. Learn more > (

The Dangers of Coal Tar Sealers (CTS)

Coal Tar Sealer contains known cancer-causing chemicals (PAHS) and is a byproduct of the steelmaking industry. Research dates as early as the 1770s, when chimney sweeps in London were found to have high levels of scrotal cancer. Late the next century, it was associated with skin cancers among creosote workers.

Most airborne PAHS were thought to come mostly from power plants, factories, and vehicle tailpipe emissions. However, USGS research has measured large amounts vaporizing into the air off coal tar-sealed parking lots even years after the sealant has been applied. The sealant slowly wears off and is tracked into homes on the shoes of residents.  Learn more >  (

How Much (CTS) is Being Used?

According to USGS research, over 85 million gallons of coal tar sealants are laid down annually, with more PAHS getting into the air from coal tar sealed parking lots, driveways and playgrounds than from all the auto and truck exhaust in the US. PAHS levels are higher than in centers of heavy industries and in some cases exceed health-protection guidelines that protect against cancer.

How Does (CTS) Affect Our Environment?

Research has shown that coal tar sealed parking lots are shedding tiny bits of the material, which is washed by rain into nearby waterways – killing, sickening and maiming aquatic creatures such as salamanders, minnows and, importantly, bugs at the base of the food chain. The chemicals kill tadpoles, cause tumors on fish, stunt growth of aquatic creatures and reduce the number of species able to live in a waterway.

As a result of being washed into waterways by storm water, these chemicals’ concentrations have been rising over the last two decades, and chemicals are getting into the house dust, researchers think, when small bits are eroded off pavement and tracked into nearby homes.

Children are at Risk from (CTS)

Scientists have demonstrated that toxic elements of coal tar were showing up in the dust of homes next to parking lots and driveways, raising questions about health effects on children in those homes, especially toddlers who frequently put their hands in their mouths. Coal tar is known to cause cancer in humans, as well as genetic mutations in lab animals.

One of the new studies helps quantify that risk. Kids who are average in terms of how often they put their hands into their mouths are getting 2 ½ times as many PAHs from house dust as from food, while those in the 95th percentile of hand-to-mouth behavior – they do it more than 94 percent of other kids – get 9 ½ times as much from the dust.

Researchers still would like to know how much of a toxic dose those same kids are getting when they play outside in yards next to coal tar-sealed asphalt, or on the asphalt itself. The level of cancer-causing chemicals in the dust on the asphalt itself has been measured at about 37 times the levels found in house dust.

(CTS) is Being Banned Across the US

Coal Tar Sealer contains known carcinogenic materials and has been banned or restricted in over 10 states and counting. Lowes and Home Depot have halted retail sale of their coal-tar driveway sealants and more companies are beginning to ban the product from their inventory.

ECOSEAL® offers Eco-Friendly Alternatives

EcoSeal® offers an eco-friendly custom blend Asphalt Sealer that is safe for the environment and looks great! EcoSeal® manufactures, distributes and applies a refined asphalt emulsion made only with quality materials, fillers and additives. Each batch produces a deep, long lasting color while providing maximum protection from wear and deterioration from the outdoor elements. Learn more > (

Become an ECOSEAL® Affiliate and SPREAD THE GREEN!

We welcome you to join our environmental efforts of 'Saving the Planet One Driveway at a Time' by becoming a member of our affiliate network and starting an EcoSeal® Franchise of your own. Help spread the good news: Eco-friendly products are now available... make the switch to safer and cleaner pavement products today! Learn more > (